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Project Leonardo Agropuzzle - Mobility Czech Republic (reportage, outcomes)
Napsal Jakub Kubačka   
Neděle, 26 červen 2011
The representatives of secondary schools of agriculture from Slovakia (Levice), Poland (Komorno), France (Auch) and Greece together with Masaryk Secondary School of Agriculture and Higher Professional School in Opava introduced the program of the international partnership project Agropuzzle, which is focused on carrying business in agriculture.

Project schedule mobility CZ 3. - 9. April 2011


9.30 introduction, greetings at school assembly hall, project schedule,sightseeing tour around the school

12.30 Opava - city - meeting with the mayor, view from townhall, city rallye, sightseeing of Opava city

16.30 Creation of the teams, tasks deviding


9:00 departure toJeseníky mountains - Natura 2000 (solid shoes, raincoat necessery)

2 groups - walk to Velký mecháč lake, introduction of Natura 2000 project in the CR at the Nosek cottage, walking tour to Praděd

after 20 presentation, freetime, writting means, papers


9.15 departure to Kružberk

10-12 presentation of bio farm - Kružberk cooperative - dairy cattle breeding, commentary

13.30 Jakartovice - example of agriculture bussiness,horse breeding, scamp, commentary

16-17.30 Arboretum Nový Dvůr

after 19 presentations,information processing

after 20 jazz at the pub Evžen


8.30 departure to Kroměříž - UNESCO

10 - 15 Kroměříž - Podzámecká and Květná gardens, Archiepiscopal wine cellars, Archiepiscopal chateau or sightseeing of Kroměříž city

15 transit to Olomouc - UNESCO

16-18 Olomouc - visit of the square in Olomouc and Unesco plague column, sightseeing of Olomouc city

after 20 presentations ,information processing


9.30-11 Natura 2000 - Hněvošický háj

11.30-12 Štítina-presentation of farming, goose and sheep raising.

14-15 presentation building,information processing and completion

16-18 craft workshops - Easter motives

. .

The meeting of the participants in the project Leonardo Agropuzzle with the mayor of Opava

This year, the meeting took place in Czech Republic, whereas last year it took place in Slovakia (Levice). The next year we will meet in Greece (Preveza). One of the participants in the project is the Unprofitable Organisation Natura Opava, which organizes the visits to the protected areas in Natura 2000 situated in the countries involved in the project. Natura Opava creates ppt presentations and worksheets with the intention to increase the knowledge of ecological agriculture and permanently maintainable development. After the opening ceremony, the delegations visited specialized classrooms and surrounding park. Consequently, all the delegations met the mayor of Opava, Zdeněk Jirásek.

5_primatoropavy_20110514_1850026936.jpg 6_primatoropavy_20110514_1447279961.jpg 7_primatoropavy_20110514_1809555167.jpg 8_primatoropavy_20110514_1486925111.jpg

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The visit to "Velké mechové jezírko" in Jeseníky and the walk to Praděd

For the following day, the visit to Protected Landscape Area Jeseníky, Nature Reserve "Velké mechové jezírko" and "Praděd", was planned. According to the new system of protected areas Natura 2000, Jeseníky is a Special Protection Area for birds, where many bird species are carefully protected. According to the Natura 2000 directives, rare habitats are protected as well (nature reserves according to the Czech system), which are included among Sites of Community Importance in Natura 2000. We visited "Velké mechové jezírko" in Rejvíz with Vít Balner and the Landscape Park situated on the highest mountain of Jeseníky mountains "Praděd". Our guide there was Jakub Kubačka. Both these localities were presented in the ppt presentation as well as Special Protection Area for birds Jeseníky. Since the field trips took place in the early spring, the participants did not have the opportunity to compare spring and summer aspect. However, the photos of plants were introduced during the presentation made by Jakub Kubačka "Special Protection Areas for birds in Jeseníky and Special Areas of Conservation in Jeseníky and Opava districts".

rejviz_1_20110514_1365509520.jpg rejviz_2_20110514_1444606993.jpg
rejviz_5_20110514_1135070820.jpg rejviz_6_20110514_1857744829.jpg rejviz_7_20110514_1847911127.jpg rejviz_8_20110514_1139534441.jpg

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The visit to Arboretum "Nový Dvůr"

The most beautiful period in Arboretum "Nový Dvůr" is during the flowering season of rhododendrons at the end of April and and beginning of May. Unfortunately, we were not here at that time. However, in arboretum there are more than 3000 other local and exotic plant species which are grown in a greenhouse or in a beautiful surrounding park.

leonardo_arboretum_1_20110514_1128181291.jpg leonardo_arboretum_2_20110514_1801977667.jpg leonardo_arboretum_3_20110514_1537988282.jpg
leonardo_arboretum_5_20110514_1976579696.jpg leonardo_arboretum_6_20110514_1800286535.jpg leonardo_arboretum_7_20110514_1537932396.jpg leonardo_arboretum_8_20110514_1389156368.jpg

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Šácholan velkokvětý Magnolia grandiflora L. v Arboretu Nový Dvůr

Bromélie - živé cisterny, filodendrony - milenci stromů

Výstava Svět šišek v Arboretu Nový Dvůr

Návštěva výstavy výtvarníka Štíchy v Arboretu

Jak roste dřevo? / How Does Wood Grow?

Opavský výtvarník Ivan Hauptfleisch vystavuje v arboretu v Novém Dvoře

Výstava exotickýchživých motýlů v Arboretu Nový Dvůr


The visit to Kroměříž and the gardens UNESCO

The gardens in Kroměříž belong among the most precious cultural and natural sights in the Czech Republic. In fact, they are one of the World Heritage Sites together with the monuments in Olomouc, which we visited as well.

leonardo_kromeriz_1_20110514_1592765628.jpg leonardo_kromeriz_2_20110514_1906413462.jpg leonardo_kromeriz_3_20110514_1330004606.jpg
leonardo_kromeriz_5_20110514_1414229426.jpg leonardo_kromeriz_6_20110514_1526794127.jpg leonardo_kromeriz_7_20110514_2048852175.jpg leonardo_kromeriz_8_20110514_1573216681.jpg
leonardo_kromeriz_9_20110514_1818434292.jpg leonardo_kromeriz_10_20110514_1468807729.jpg leonardo_kromeriz_11_20110514_1744296362.jpg leonardo_kromeriz_12_20110514_1708739367.jpg
leonardo_kromeriz_13_20110514_1956753450.jpg leonardo_kromeriz_14_20110514_1500071632.jpg leonardo_kromeriz_15_20110514_1281872835.jpg leonardo_kromeriz_16_20110514_1026739625.jpg

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The visit to the goat farm in Štítina

Another part of our program was the visit to the goat farm. In fact, the students from France and Greece were not impressed, because in their countries, sheep and goat breeding is quite a common practice. However, the visit was very useful for all the participants. The countryside in this area provides suitable conditions for the use of biomass and for goat and sheep breeding. Nowadays, we consider it quite unusual, but sheep and goat breeding was very common in the past in the region of Opava. In 2010, there were 19 ecological farmers working on 555 parts of farmland, which is the area of 6591 ha (9,43% of the total in the Opava district).

kozi_farma_1_20110514_2061343110.jpg kozi_farma_2_20110514_1100851705.jpg
kozi_farma_5_20110514_1034735514.jpg kozi_farma_6_20110514_1739213228.jpg kozi_farma_7_20110514_1915654489.jpg kozi_farma_8_20110514_1469054534.jpg




The visit to the Site of Community Importance Hněvošický háj

Natura Opava organized a field trip to the Site of Community Importance Hněvošický háj, which is the linden-oak hornbeam association Tilio ? Carpinetum. We had the opportunity to be there during the flowering season of the following plants: (Hacquetia epipactis, Isopyrum thalictroides and Carex pilosa) These plants of Carpathian vegetation reach the western border of their occurrence in this area. The border lies between Ratiboř, Opava and Olomouc.

Sites of Community Importace - SCI in district Opava

Hněvošický háj(animal and plant species are not protected by Natura 2000 system)

Děhylovsky potok, Štěpán(Bombina bombina), (Misgurnus fossilis), (Leucorrhinia pectoralis)

Jakartovice(Maculinea nausithous)

ŠtolaJakartovice (Myotis myotis)

Jilešovice,Děhylov (Maculinea nausithous)

Ostrava Šilheřovice(Osmoderma eremita)

Údolí Moravice(Lampetra planeri), (Cottus gobio), (Lutra lutra)

Černý důl(Barbastella barbastellus)

Staré Oldřůvky(Myotis emarginatus), (Myotis myotis)

Zálužná(Barbastella barbastellus)

Čermná(Barbastella barbastellus)

leonardo_haj_2_20110514_1061575383.jpg leonardo_haj_3_20110514_1805528673.jpg
leonardo_haj_5_20110514_1469020027.jpg leonardo_haj_6_20110514_1561840186.jpg leonardo_haj_7_20110514_1616167227.jpg leonardo_haj_8_20110514_2086120460.jpg

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Hvězdnatec čemeřicový Hacquetia epipactis a skokan Hnědý Rana temporaria v rezervaci Hněvošický háj

Přeslička největší Equisetum telmateia v Hněvošickém háji

Naučná stezka v Hněvošickém háji

Potůček v PR Hněvošický háj

Photohraphy: Jakub Kubačka, Andrej Tarnik


The products of the project Agropuzzle in Czech Republic



Presentations about Natura 2000 in Czech Republic:

Presentation 1/2

Presentation 2/2

Aktualizováno ( Pondělí, 25 listopad 2013 )
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