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Project Leonardo Agropuzzle - Mobility Slovakia (reportage, outcomes)
Napsal RNDr. Milan Kubačka   
Úterý, 29 březen 2011

The outcomes of the project that took place in Slovakia with the participation of the delegates (students and teachers) from secondary schools of agriculture from the Slovak town Levice, Polish Komorno, French Auch, Greek Preveza, Masaryk Secondary School of Agriculture and Higher Professional School and our Unprofitable organization Natura Opava.


Schedule of the Agropuzzle meeting in Slovakia, 18 - 23 October 2010

18 October - The visit to the school in Levice, the sightseeing tour in the castle and museum of Levice, the reception by the mayor, the meeting of participants, the presentation of Natura Opava - Bird areas in Slovakia, the worksheets concerning protected bird species in Slovakia

19 October - The visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Banska Stiavnica

20 October - The visit to the mill "Hajnaluv mlyn" - a permaculture involved in the project Agropuzzle

21 Ocotber - The visit to the ecofarm AFRA - a manufacturing of medicinal plants, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Levoca

22 October - The visit to the town Bardejov - the UNESCO World Heritage Site

On the first day of the meeting, on Monday 18 October, Natura Opava gave a ppt presentation "Natura 2000 - Bird areas in Slovakia". The participants of the meeting were introduced to bird areas which are protected in the Natura 2000 system. A particular attention was paid to the bird area Dolné Pohronie with protected bird species in the cadastral area of Pastovce. In addition, the worksheets for classroom use were presented.

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The visit to Levice in the project Agropuzzle

First of all, we visited Secondary School of Agriculture in Levice, where we met headmaster Milos Rosenberger and project coordinator Hedviga Gulova. We learned about the programme of the Agropuzzle project that had been prepared for us. We admired a nicely decorated school, then we visited Levice castle with the museum Tekov and we met a mayor of Levice, Stefan Misak.

In the afternoon, our organization Natura Opava gave a presentation Natura 2000 - Bird areas in Slovakia. In the presentation were included protected bird species which occur in the Bird area Dolnie Pohronie - the protected area Pastovce that lies in the cadastral area of Pastovce. The photos of all nine protected bird species were presented too and ornitologist František Gazda provided a recorded voice of each bird.

Photo reportage from the first day of the meeting:

levice_1_20110121_1781813084.jpg levice_2_20110121_1768029474.jpg levice_3_20110121_1849957743.jpg levice_4_20110121_1716743766.jpg
  Hedviga Gulova
Students from France  
levice_5_20110121_1353330163.jpg levice_6_20110121_1721640801.jpg levice_7_20110121_1806529886.jpg levice_8_20110121_1561294568.jpg
Martin Valecek Greek delegation Polish delegation French delegation
levice_9_20110121_1944589729.jpg levice_10_20110121_1431879309.jpg levice_11_20110121_1047252264.jpg levice_12_20110121_1425015431.jpg
Christos Belos from Greece

Katerina Schleierova

Sarka Krajcova

Levice Castle Frantisek Gazda
levice_13_20110121_2043064394.jpg levice_14_20110121_1847370159.jpg levice_15_20110121_1395031805.jpg levice_16_20110121_1493032720.jpg
levice_17_20110121_1921410091.jpg levice_18_20110121_1508529078.jpg levice_19_20110121_1882842785.jpg levice_20_20110121_1484717326.jpg
Entrance to townhall Elisabeth Cambot-Ledwige   Major Ing. Stefan Misak

Further information on websites:

Town of Levice HERE

Secondary school - Stredná odborná škola poľnohospodárstva na vidieku Levice 


Banska Stiavnica - the UNESCO Sites in the project Agropuzzle

It was a really enjoyable experience. A beautiful ancient town surrounded by Stiavnicke mountains, a walk through old drifts in Hordusa Hamre gold mines and gold panning with the world champion in gold panning, Richard Kana.

Photo reportage from visit to BanskaStiavnica and Hordusa Hamre:

banskastiavnica_2_20110121_1656759401.jpg banskastiavnica_3_20110121_1507474286.jpg banskastiavnica_4_20110121_1961402096.jpg
Banska Stiavnica
    Hedviga Gulova
banskastiavnica_5_20110121_1848754984.jpg banskastiavnica_6_20110121_1145354404.jpg banskastiavnica_7_20110121_1815059077.jpg banskastiavnica_8_20110121_1193675301.jpg
Rostislav Moravek
Slawomir Jakoniuk
Czech delegation
banskastiavnica_9_20110121_1169701075.jpg banskastiavnica_10_20110121_1118110660.jpg banskastiavnica_11_20110121_1640967206.jpg banskastiavnica_12_20110121_1543975957.jpg


  Richard Kana
banskastiavnica_13_20110121_2019194677.jpg banskastiavnica_14_20110121_1848945436.jpg banskastiavnica_15_20110121_1145155179.jpg banskastiavnica_16_20110121_1800491690.jpg
Radka Srajerova M. Kubacka, M.Valecek

Further information on websites:

Horduša Hamre HERE

World champion in gold panning Richard Kaňa HERE

Town of Bánská Štiavnica HERE


The visit to the mill "Hajnaluv mlyn" - a permaculture involved in the project Agropuzzle

We were really looking forward to the visit of the mill in Medovarce and we were wondering what is meant by the term "permaculture". After seeing the house and garden of Patricia Černáková and after listening to her interesting commentary, many of us realized that she really understands the sense of a permanently maintainable development. And she is a real promoter of this lifestyle. This life philosophy, when we realize that we are not the only inhabitants of the environment, but we have to share it with other animals and plants, will protect us from devastating human greed. It was very enlightening.

Photo reportage from visit to the mill "Hajnalův mlýn":

hajnaluv_mlyn_2_20110121_1629696095.jpg hajnaluv_mlyn_3_20110121_1299244683.jpg
Medovarce Mill "Hajnalův mlýn"
hajnaluv_mlyn_5_20110121_1470733320.jpg hajnaluv_mlyn_6_20110121_1840023472.jpg hajnaluv_mlyn_7_20110121_1268443125.jpg hajnaluv_mlyn_8_20110121_1426597607.jpg
hajnaluv_mlyn_9_20110121_1365234767.jpg hajnaluv_mlyn_10_20110121_2028197833.jpg hajnaluv_mlyn_11_20110121_1128171737.jpg hajnaluv_mlyn_12_20110121_1169533329.jpg
    Patricia Černáková  
hajnaluv_mlyn_13_20110121_1300883307.jpg hajnaluv_mlyn_14_20110121_1564267000.jpg hajnaluv_mlyn_15_20110121_1668563615.jpg hajnaluv_mlyn_16_20110121_1401074604.jpg

Further information on websites:

Mill "Hajnalův mlýn" - permaculture HERE

Personal web Patricia Černáková HERE


The visit to the ecofarm AFRA which is focused on medicinal plants manufacturing

On the way to the UNESCO Site Levoca, we visited Ecofarm owned by Zuzana Homolova, which is focused on the manufacturing of medicinal plants. Various teas and extracts are prepared here from plants collected in the pure nature. We bought teas and other gifts for our friends and relatives. We really appreciated the original names of teas, it is an excellent marketing strategy.

Photo reportage from the visit to ecofarm AFRA:

afrahomolova_1_20110121_1413583295.jpg afrahomolova_2_20110121_1231706446.jpg afrahomolova_3_20110121_2038108728.jpg
afrahomolova_5_20110121_2053506802.jpg afrahomolova_6_20110121_1417858453.jpg afrahomolova_7_20110121_1370240427.jpg afrahomolova_8_20110121_1526026621.jpg

Further information on website:



Levoca - UNESCO World Heritage Site

The town is well-known for its St. Jakob's church with the greatest wooden gothic altar in the world (18,65 m high) which was made by a sculptor, Master Paul of Levoca. Masses have been celebrated there for 700 years. Since 1965, the altar has been a national cultural site. To the municipal cultural reservation belongs also the former Gothic (since 1550 Reinaissance) townhall with arcades and a pillory " a cage of shame " located in front of the building.

Photo reportage from Levoca:

levoca_1_20110121_1020060532.jpg levoca_2_20110121_1784604749.jpg levoca_3_20110121_1258869872.jpg
Spiš Castle      
levoca_5_20110121_2082082854.jpg levoca_6_20110121_1692914522.jpg levoca_7_20110121_1881415120.jpg levoca_8_20110121_1738363221.jpg
Reinanssance townhall
levoca_9_20110121_1322750602.jpg levoca_10_20110121_2086560724.jpg levoca_11_20110121_1076234085.jpg levoca_12_20110121_1769650478.jpg

Further information on websites:

St. Jakob´s church HERE

Reinaissance townhall in Levoca HERE

Town of Levoca HERE


Bardejov - UNESCO World Heritage Site

If a Slovakian town is to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, it has to be Bardejov. In fact, it was added there in 2000. The highlights of this beautiful medieval town are the Gothic church of Sv. Aegidius together with Gothic and Reinaissance townhall, which are situated in the central square. Tourists can also admire the spa Bardejov which has played a host to Sisi, Franz Joseph's wife. There are 17 therapeutical mineral water springs and digestive and respiratory problems are cured there. A nearby folk architecture museum is remarkable too.

Photo reportage from the town Bardějov: author: Milan Kubačka

bardejov_mesto_2_20110121_1012098734.jpg bardejov_mesto_3_20110121_1357316889.jpg bardejov_mesto_4_20110121_1866737862.jpg
Church of Sv. Aegidius   Townhall  
bardejov_mesto_5_20110121_1387191156.jpg bardejov_mesto_6_20110121_1277019216.jpg bardejov_mesto_7_20110121_1605959899.jpg bardejov_mesto_8_20110121_2090756716.jpg

Photo reportage from the spa Bardejov: author: Rostislav Moravek

bardejov_lazne_3_20110121_1147604969.jpg bardejov_lazne_4_20110121_1209537094.jpg
    French delegation Greek delegation
bardejov_lazne_5_20110121_1422803658.jpg bardejov_lazne_6_20110121_1666385092.jpg bardejov_lazne_7_20110121_1577967971.jpg bardejov_lazne_8_20110121_1707149327.jpg
Czech delegation Polish delegation    

Photo reportage from Folk architecture museum Bardejov: author: Rostislav Moravek

skanzen_bardejov_1_20110121_1530762753.jpg skanzen_bardejov_2_20110121_1622227314.jpg
skanzen_bardejov_3_20110121_1174573006.jpg skanzen_bardejov_4_20110121_1433449384.jpg
skanzen_bardejov_5_20110121_1440983521.jpg skanzen_bardejov_6_20110121_1231518519.jpg skanzen_bardejov_7_20110121_1330078070.jpg skanzen_bardejov_8_20110121_1475709815.jpg
skanzen_bardejov_9_20110121_1049565371.jpg skanzen_bardejov_10_20110121_1189304275.jpg skanzen_bardejov_11_20110121_1952622735.jpg skanzen_bardejov_12_20110121_1647617411.jpg

Further information on websites:

Bardejov HERE

Official website of the town Bardejov


The outcomes of Natura Opava

PDF presentation Natura 2000 - Bird areas in Slovakia - Czech version

PDF presentation Natura 2000 - Bird areas in Slovakia - English version

Worksheets in Czech PDF

Worksheets in English PDF

Photography: Milan Kubačka, Rostlislav Morávek, Jakub Kubačka

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