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PROJECT - Leonardo Agropuzzle "in english"
Napsal Jakub Kubačka   
Úterý, 13 březen 2012
PROJECT - Leonardo Agropuzzle "in english"
1. Mobility - Slovakia (reportage, outcomes)
2. Mobility - Czech (reportage, outcomes)
3. Mobility - Greece (reportage, outcomes)
4. Mobility - France (reportage, outcomes)
5. Mobility - Poland (reportage, outcomes)
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Mobility - Poland (reportage, outcomes)


Poland was the last country we visited in the project Leonardo Agropuzzle. We arrived in Kedzier-Koźlle, then we travelled around visiting various farms, which we were particularly interested in. We couldn?t miss the protected areas of Natura 2000, UNESCO Heritage Sites and Holocaust Memorial in Auschwitz.     




The trip took place from 26 to 31 March 2012

     1st Day: All delegations met in the city townhall where the welcoming ceremony took place. Then we went to see the city centre, the school and we were introduced to the schedule of our visit to Poland. Afterwards, we went on a trip to ?Gora sw. Anny?,  which is one of the protected areas of Natura 2000. We learned about the management of the protected area as well as about the rules of nature conservation.

 leonardo_pl_14_20120904_1781513459.jpg leonardo_pl_13_20120904_1195910049.jpg   leonardo_pl_16_20120904_2075856977.jpg  leonardo_pl_15_20120904_1000352366.jpg
 leonardo_pl_01_20120903_1628260930.jpg  leonardo_pl_02_20120903_1400591808.jpg  leonardo_pl_03_20120903_1226346002.jpg  leonardo_pl_04_20120903_2016637068.jpg
 leonardo_pl_05_20120903_1379156408.jpg  leonardo_pl_06_20120903_1811816158.jpg  leonardo_pl_07_20120903_1928251411.jpg  leonardo_pl_08_20120903_1192726016.jpg
leonardo_pl_09_20120903_1415131404.jpg   leonardo_pl_10_20120903_1471490918.jpg leonardo_pl_11_20120904_1699681031.jpg  leonardo_pl_12_20120904_1828300037.jpg 

2nd Day: The Kania farm produces substrate for cultivation of button mushrooms. Besides, the farm has its own research centre. Then we visited the Bulik farm, which concentrates on pig breeding. In the holiday resort Krzywniak, we had a possibility to learn how to exploit the EU Tourism Grants.

leonardo_pl_17_20120904_1393187963.jpg  leonardo_pl_18_20120904_2057138883.jpg  leonardo_pl_19_20120904_1787253818.jpg   leonardo_pl_20_20120904_1415563045.jpg
 leonardo_pl_23_20120904_1823336094.jpg  leonardo_pl_24_20120904_1820698128.jpg  leonardo_pl_25_20120904_1093064587.jpg leonardo_pl_26_20120904_1799085151.jpg 
leonardo_pl_27_20120904_1241035150.jpg leonardo_pl_28_20120904_1256737307.jpg leonardo_pl_29_20120904_1494878741.jpg leonardo_pl_30_20120904_1476877221.jpg
leonardo_pl_31_20120904_1823325037.jpg leonardo_pl_32_20120904_1018212072.jpg leonardo_pl_33_20120904_1667979440.jpg leonardo_pl_34_20120904_1736276563.jpg
leonardo_pl_21_20120904_1857929422.jpg   leonardo_pl_22_20120904_1289349950.jpg

     3rd Day: We moved to the city of Krakow, which is one of the UNESCO Heritage Sites. After checking in, we went on a sightseeing tour around the historical city centre with a local tourist guide. Therefore, we could admire Wawel Castle, several churches, old market, etc.

 leonardo_pl_35_20120904_1669917888.jpg leonardo_pl_36_20120904_1042501807.jpg   leonardo_pl_37_20120904_1791401647.jpg  leonardo_pl_38_20120904_1035821133.jpg
 leonardo_pl_39_20120904_1454731900.jpg  leonardo_pl_40_20120904_1334899169.jpg  leonardo_pl_41_20120904_1876852110.jpg  leonardo_pl_42_20120904_1730194478.jpg

     4th Day: The visit to salt mine Wieliczka, which is listed among the UNESCO Heritage Sites, was really impressive. The mine is 327 metres deep and the overall length of tunnels is 300 kilometres. The salt has been mined there since 700. In the national park Ojcowski, we were shown how to maintain balance between nature conservation and tourism. In the evening, the lecture on Sustainable Development and Natura 2000 in Poland took place.

 leonardo_pl_43_20120904_1036408023.jpg  leonardo_pl_44_20120904_1665205800.jpg leonardo_pl_45_20120904_1810245922.jpg   leonardo_pl_46_20120904_1215486948.jpg
leonardo_pl_47_20120904_2005641695.jpg leonardo_pl_48_20120904_1297848610.jpg leonardo_pl_49_20120904_1947108670.jpg leonardo_pl_50_20120904_1635872789.jpg
leonardo_pl_51_20120904_1808861190.jpg leonardo_pl_52_20120904_1162920434.jpg leonardo_pl_53_20120904_1804419838.jpg leonardo_pl_54_20120904_1590239704.jpg

     5th Day: The last day of our stay was dedicated to the visit to the former concentration camp Auschwitz. This working and extermination camp was built during the Second World War by Nazi Germany. More than one million people, especially Jews, were killed there. Looking at the photos, a question comes to our mind:  Has the mankind learned its lesson or are we going to forget again?

leonardo_pl_55_20120904_1903333987.jpg leonardo_pl_56_20120904_1383319077.jpg leonardo_pl_57_20120904_1200347116.jpg leonardo_pl_58_20120904_1155207550.jpg
 leonardo_pl_59_20120904_1779568173.jpg  leonardo_pl_60_20120904_1008875127.jpg  leonardo_pl_62_20120904_1711148227.jpg  leonardo_pl_63_20120904_1745979593.jpg
leonardo_pl_61_20120904_1052981668.jpg leonardo_pl_64_20120904_1408831161.jpg leonardo_pl_65_20120904_1712140404.jpg leonardo_pl_66_20120904_1492849469.jpg

Photography: Jakub Kubačka


CZ: Prezentace Trvale udržitelný rozvoj - PDF

EN: Presentation Sustainable development - PDF





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