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PROJECT Agropuzzle II EN
Napsal Jakub Kubačka   
Neděle, 27 duben 2014
PROJECT Agropuzzle II EN
1. Mobility - Czech (reportage, outcomes)
2. Mobility - Portugal (reportage, outcomes)
3. Mobility - Poland (reportage, outcomes)
4. Mobility - Romania (reportage, outcomes)
5. Mobility - Slovakia (reportage, outcomes)
Partners involved in the project (reportage, outcomes)
Products and PDF materials)

Masarykova střední škola zemědělská a Vyšší odborná škola v Opavě, Česká republika

Mgr. Radmila Srajerová, Mgr. Martin Valeček

Občanské sdružení Natura Opava, Česká republika

Bc. Jakub Kubačka

Universitatea de Stiinte Agronomice si Medicina Veterinara din Bucuresti, Rumunsko

Prof.dr. Roman Gheorghe Valentin

RUDE - Associaço de Desenvolvimento Rural, Cova da Beira, Portugalsko

Carlos Pinto

SOŠ poľnohospodárstva a služieb na vidieku, Slovensko

Mgr. Hedviga Guľová

Zespół Szkół nr 1 w Kędzierzynie-Koźlu, Polsko

Mgr. Slawek Janiuk, Mgr. Dominika Mizera


Project managers of every individual country

agropuzlle2_133_20140131_1871137954.jpg   agropuzlle2_130_20140131_1510454891.jpg agropuzlle2_129_20140131_2012234117.jpg
 Mgr. Radmila Srajerová
 Bc. Jakub Kubačka
 Prof.dr. Roman Gheorghe Valentin  Carlos Pinto
 agropuzlle2_128_20140131_1934358938.jpg  agropuzlle2_134_20140131_1821566979.jpg  agropuzlle2_132_20140131_1134296930.jpg  agropuzlle2_134a_20140131_1026883958.jpg
 Mgr. Hedviga Guľová  Mgr.Slawek Janiuk
 Mgr.Martin Valeček
 Mgr. Dominika Mizera

Sunday, 5 January 2014

All the participants who come from many different places of Europe were greatly impressed even by the means of transport with which they arrived in Opava. They were surprised while travelling on the train to Opava. They took some pictures of the beautiful train station building while expressing their great admiration. They also felt fascinated by "Davidův Mlýn" (David?s Mill) in the region of Kružberk, the place they were accommodated in.

 agropuzlle2_003_20140128_1413439041.jpg  agropuzlle2_004_20140128_1385574538.jpg
 agropuzlle2_005_20140128_1571220592.jpg  agropuzlle2_006_20140128_1034118475.jpg  agropuzlle2_007_20140128_1646662011.jpg  agropuzlle2_008_20140128_1634050612.jpg

Monday, 6 January 2014

On the next day, all participants visited the Town Hall and deputy mayor Mr. Dalibor Halátek. That was in the decent rooms of the Opava Municipal House. Mr. Halátek told them some words about history, present times and plans related to our Silesian metropolis. After finishing the sightseeing tour of the town, leading from "Obecní Dům" (Municipal House) through "?Ostrožná Street" to "Horní Náměstí" (Upper Square) with "Hláska" (Town Hall), they took a walk through the park to the exhibition building of the Silesian Museum. They were astonished by repaired buildings with tasteful facades and beautifully landscaped parks.

We spent the evening time in "Davidův Mlýn" (David's Mill) while having discussion with Mr. David Kostruh, the mill owner. He told us about the project at the end of which there is the event of unprecedented reconstruction supported by European funds.  In the evening, we had a trout barbecue together with new friends. We were also thinking about program for the next day.

 agropuzlle2_010_20140128_1769302155.jpg agropuzlle2_011_20140128_1524114220.jpg

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

We visited a farm in Kružberk that produces organic milk. Here in the farm called "Vitaminátor" which lies in Sosnová village there is production of fruit drinks made of fruits grown in own orchards. We also visited a goat farm with a nice name "Farma na Konci Světa" (farm at the end of the world) located in Heřmínovy village. Then we went to see the largest manufacturer of honey in our country - "Kolomý" in Staré Město near Bruntál.

 agropuzlle2_013_20140128_1237885288.jpg  agropuzlle2_014_20140128_1758168429.jpg agropuzlle2_015_20140128_1254837436.jpg
 agropuzlle2_017_20140128_1950202821.jpg  agropuzlle2_018_20140128_1499698682.jpg  agropuzlle2_019_20140128_1774945437.jpg  agropuzlle2_020_20140128_1173208493.jpg

Goat farm in "Farm at the End of the World" in Heřmínovy.

 agropuzlle2_025_20140128_1342588867.jpg  agropuzlle2_026_20140128_1635434225.jpg  agropuzlle2_027_20140128_1265552824.jpg  agropuzlle2_028_20140128_1492922053.jpg

Visit to the dam of Kružberk

 agropuzlle2_031_20140128_1395563391.jpg agropuzlle2_032_20140128_1512250445.jpg

Production of nature juices - Vitaminátor in Sosnová

 agropuzlle2_037_20140128_1536945110.jpg  agropuzlle2_038_20140128_1052644849.jpg  agropuzlle2_039_20140128_1179523035.jpg  agropuzlle2_040_20140128_1681047337.jpg

Jan Kolomý - bee keeping farm in Bruntál

 agropuzlle2_139_20140131_1483789033.jpg  agropuzlle2_136_20140131_1054996930.jpg agropuzlle2_137_20140131_1599868475.jpg

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

We were looking forward to Wednesday's program. We admit having great time while eating local specialities on Tuesday, like for instance goat cheese and genuine bee honey. However, Wednesday's visit brought us something more - delights of home-made pig sticking, cakes of Hlučín and beer of a home's brewery.

We started our tour in the brewery of Rohov where we had discussion with a local bee keeper. Then we proceeded further to Kobeřice village where we saw a pig sticking, including its portioning. It is called meat cutting. Everything was done in a very illustrative way to fulfil the spirit and mission of the project. After all, it is about the participants from agricultural schools who have to know well how to prepare shoulder of mutton, rump or kidney.

The participants were greatly impressed by the pig sticking event. Everybody answered positively to the questions asked during the final evaluation. There were questions: What was the greatest surprise? The answer: "Pig-sticking!" What was the worst experience" The answer: "Pig-sticking!" What was the most beautiful experience? The answer: "Pig-sticking!".

The pork feast was held in the village called Strahovice. We had Szeged goulash and pork delicacies like for instance pork knuckle, heart, kidney - being served. At the same time, you could see preparation of dough for cakes typical for Hlučín region. When being baked, they smelled much better than meat products. The process of baking was held under patronage of the most competent persons. Ms. Jana Schlosárková once again proved that she was good in both baking cakes and writing novels. Well, she is a reputable writer from Hlučín. She is an author of books called "Na každého raz dojdě", "Po hrbolatym chodniku", "Už by teho bylo došč". She also wrote some cooking recipe books of the meals typical for the regions of Opava and Hlučín.

Everyone likes her cakes that she bake together with her friends, I mean everyone irrespective of gender and nationalities.

At the end there was a lecture of Mr. Jakub Kubačka who is a statutory representative of Natura Opava. He told everyone about organisation of the civic association of Natura as well as the history and nature of Hlučín region. The participants were also greeted by Mr. Herbert Pavera, a mayor of Bolatice village. Mr. Pavera represents our region as a member of the Parliament.

 agropuzlle2_069_20140128_2074321027.jpg  agropuzlle2_070_20140128_1251881214.jpg  agropuzlle2_071_20140128_2096983983.jpg  agropuzlle2_072_20140128_1678430759.jpg
 agropuzlle2_073_20140128_2025052604.jpg  agropuzlle2_074_20140128_1838424863.jpg  agropuzlle2_075_20140128_1118710945.jpg  agropuzlle2_076_20140128_1039180907.jpg
 agropuzlle2_077_20140128_1934756742.jpg  agropuzlle2_078_20140128_1473645690.jpg  agropuzlle2_079_20140128_1824218733.jpg  agropuzlle2_080_20140128_1430112117.jpg

Small brewery in Rohov

 agropuzlle2_053_20140128_2001392207.jpg  agropuzlle2_054_20140128_1611792376.jpg  agropuzlle2_055_20140128_1920759324.jpg  agropuzlle2_056_20140128_1998955289.jpg

Presentation of Jakub Kubačka about the nature and history in the region around Hlučín

 agropuzlle2_062_20140128_1348107641.jpg  agropuzlle2_061_20140128_1228309256.jpg

Baking cakes under direction of Ms Schlosárková

 agropuzlle2_041_20140128_1545303533.jpg agropuzlle2_042_20140128_1313390898.jpg
 agropuzlle2_045_20140128_1780235571.jpg  agropuzlle2_046_20140128_1532470232.jpg  agropuzlle2_047_20140128_1400079911.jpg  agropuzlle2_048_20140128_1313406789.jpg

Visit to bee keeper Karel Moravec in Strahovice

 agropuzlle2_067_20140128_1732609850.jpg agropuzlle2_068_20140128_1922166060.jpg

Speech of the mayor of Bolatice village, Mgr. Herbert Pavera

 agropuzlle2_057_20140128_1106031999.jpg  agropuzlle2_058_20140128_1694028491.jpg agropuzlle2_059_20140128_1591180708.jpg agropuzlle2_060_20140128_1125907088.jpg

Thursday, 9 January 2014

On the last but one day, we went to Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. We visited the buckwheat mill of Mr. Šmajstrl. We took a walk from Pustevny to the statue of Radegast in Radhošť. In the evening, we heard a lecture held by the fruit grower Mr. Radim Lokoč. This lecture was about saving the gene pool of the old varieties of fruit.

Visiting the buckwheat mill of Mr. Šmajstrl

 agropuzlle2_081_20140128_1364256019.jpg agropuzlle2_082_20140128_1113868932.jpg
 agropuzlle2_083_20140128_1888171210.jpg  agropuzlle2_084_20140128_1543484691.jpg
 agropuzlle2_085_20140128_1767324142.jpg  agropuzlle2_086_20140128_1703735124.jpg  agropuzlle2_087_20140128_1767672478.jpg  agropuzlle2_088_20140128_1522710137.jpg

Walking tour from Pustevny to Radegast


Lecture of the fruit grower, Mgr. Radim Lokoč, PhD

 agropuzlle2_103s_20140130_1813457216.jpg  agropuzlle2_103_20140128_1753982769.jpg agropuzlle2_104_20140128_1372514245.jpg

Candle production plant

 agropuzlle2_094_20140128_1165292844.jpg  agropuzlle2_095_20140128_1400844759.jpg agropuzlle2_096_20140128_1732567349.jpg 

Friday, 10 January 2014

A day before leaving for homes, we heard a lecture and presentation of a college lecturer of the University of Bucharest. The lecture was related to bee keeping. We also visited the museum of folk architecture in Rožnov - the museum in the open nature. The whole program ended with a craft workshop in which we tried how to do wool spinning, weaving, wiring and wood carving. The workshops were held by Jana and Jiří Procházka who are members of the civic association called Kolovrátek.

Presentation of Prof. dr. Gheorghe Valentin Roman - expert of the University of Bucharest

 agropuzlle2_097_20140128_1871339382.jpg  agropuzlle2_098_20140128_1760515364.jpg agropuzlle2_099_20140128_1783903976.jpg

Visit to the nature museum in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

 agropuzlle2_108_20140128_1308977032.jpg  agropuzlle2_109_20140128_1918933286.jpg  agropuzlle2_110_20140128_1331793791.jpg  agropuzlle2_111_20140128_1175630048.jpg

Workshops of folk art crafts of Jana and Jiří Procházka from the civic association of Kolovrátek

 agropuzlle2_112_20140128_1171155558.jpg  agropuzlle2_113_20140128_1136466026.jpg  agropuzlle2_114_20140128_1490299600.jpg  agropuzlle2_115_20140128_1284921607.jpg
 agropuzlle2_116_20140128_1908536106.jpg  agropuzlle2_117_20140128_1073776028.jpg  agropuzlle2_118_20140128_1725604650.jpg  agropuzlle2_119_20140128_1849986861.jpg
 agropuzlle2_120_20140128_1996492071.jpg  agropuzlle2_121_20140128_1882430468.jpg  agropuzlle2_122_20140128_1059010645.jpg  agropuzlle2_123_20140128_1423953408.jpg
 agropuzlle2_124_20140128_1703180280.jpg  agropuzlle2_125_20140128_1565131700.jpg  agropuzlle2_126_20140128_1596805114.jpg  agropuzlle2_127_20140128_2099476153.jpg


Jakub Kubačka, Martin Váleček, Sandra Kokot




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