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PROJECT Agropuzzle II EN
Napsal Jakub Kubačka   
Neděle, 27 duben 2014
PROJECT Agropuzzle II EN
1. Mobility - Czech (reportage, outcomes)
2. Mobility - Portugal (reportage, outcomes)
3. Mobility - Poland (reportage, outcomes)
4. Mobility - Romania (reportage, outcomes)
5. Mobility - Slovakia (reportage, outcomes)
Partners involved in the project (reportage, outcomes)
Products and PDF materials)










Masarykova střední škola zemědělská a Vyšší odborná škola, Opava, příspěvková organizace.

We are a middle and higher school of agriculture and we also offer the services as a schooling centre in adult education. We are the representatives of the project coordinator, in the last 2 years we have been coordinating projects ourselves.We are situated in an economically handicapped region, which is overloaded with heavy industry and that the reason why there is a large pollution of the environment and at the same time there is a significant unemployment problem. Our region belongs to the boarder regions of the Czech Republic. The pupils come from different Czech regions and they partly commute from areas which are as far as 130 km. Therefore the project would have a great response in these areas, too. The school is visited also by students from socially weak families and for them mainly would this project represent a unique chance to learn about other cultures.


Zespół Szkół nr 1 w Kędzierzynie-Koźlu

Vocational School Complex n o 1 in Kedzierzyn-Kozle, Poland, consists of Secondary Technical School and Basic Vocational School. In the previous one we teach 551 technicians of: construction, logistics, computer science, hairdressing, trade, economy, feeding and catering services and 359 students in Basic Vocational School in professions: cook, seller, hairdresser, builder-plasterer and others. Our school has taken part in some EU projects such as: "Sport and Cooking - Polish-Czech Reconciliation", "Innovative Vocational School", "Student Online", "Good profession - good future" and others, however it is our first time in the Leonardo da Vinci project. We also teach the vocational subjects in multi-vocational classes from entire region. In these classes students learn construction and gastronomical subjects. Our school is also the examination centre for students who take final exams in professions of the seller and the cook of small gastronomy. Kedzierzyn-Kozle is the town in the area with well-developed chemical industry but struggling with significant unemployment. Our school is cherished in our region. Taking part in this project would give them various opportunities. Predominant part of our  pupils come from  rather poor social background so  participating in  this project could be a chance for them  to get to know  different  culture, lifestyle and to broaden knowledge while  contacting with  other  students  from  abroad.


  SOŠ poľnohospodárstva a služieb na vidieku

High school of agriculture and services in rural areas provides teaching of students in the field of study in agribusiness education programs, agritourism, farming, farm management and bioenergy, mainly in the form of an experiment.  High school educates and prepares students for the desired sphere of foreign use of natural beauties. The school is located in a socially and economically disadvantaged area when it comes to the possibility of industrial development. Students from our school are also teenagers with special educational-training needs who come from socially disadvantaged families. The role of our school is the practical preparation for the practicing of the profession but also to continue their education at the university. In our school are currently studying 190 pupils. . In addition, we are concerned with the nature, permaculture, composting, the wicker weaving and wicker cultivation with the ability to implement smaller projects in the local environment. We try to provide the students an internship abroad. We organize trips to experimental farms. Our school is also a member and participant of the CLIMATE ALLIANCE, which deals with issues of climate changes. We also participate in the realization of projects of  Ecoorganisation "ENO - Environment" part. School also Works with a national network of rural development and created a training center for farmers and the general public, which uses the new trends in education in agricultural practice.


RUDE - Associaço de Desenvolvimento Rural

RUDE - Rural Development Association is the managing body of the Community Initiative LEADER at Cova da Beira, accredited on April 11, 1992 by the National Management to administer this fund community in the Territory NUT III Cova da Beira.  Since 2009 RUDE is responsible for the implementation of the PRODER (a strategic and financial support to rural development for the 2007-2013 programming period, approved by the European Commission Decision C (2007) 6159, December 4) that aims:

- Improving the competitiveness of agriculture and forestry;

- Promote sustainability of rural areas and of natural resources;

- Economic and social restructuring of rural areas.

It is a legal private entity whose scope of action covers 49 parishes in the municipalities of Belmonte, Covilha and Fund'o; RUDE is a legal private entity whose scope of action covers 49 parishes in the municipalities of Belmonte, Fund'o and Covilh', has a total area of 935.9 km2 and a population of 80,471 inhabitants. Its action generates new dynamics in its territory of intervention and, through the adoption of innovative initiatives, particularly in the development of rural areas, contributes to the well-being and quality of life of local population. Geographical proximity and the common features of the three counties, particularly in terms of natural resources and landscapes, were the main reason to bring these territories, the Territory Intervention RUDE - Association for Rural Development.  he intervention of RUDE has settled a logic of complementarity of objectives, the impact of which has resulted in partnerships +, + skills to rural areas, opportunities + and + rural development. The implementation of the Local Development Strategies has resulted in a set of actions that caters to the crossing of external factors and internal factors of the SWOT analysis of strategic priorities, particularly in the areas of local products development and valorization; historical heritage; tourism and environment; cross-border cooperation; innovation and  competitiveness; social and territorial cohesion.


Universitatea de Stiinte Agronomice si Medicina Veterinara din Bucuresti

USAMVB is a complex institution and provides Higher Education and Training in: Vegetal and Animal Production; Biology; Control and Expertise on Food Quality; Food Processing Industry; Forestry; Land Reclamation; Environmental Engineering; Biotechnologies; Management in Agriculture; Veterinary Medicine. USAMVB mission, through the 3000 students who come from rural areas, is first formed in the belief that farm production could be increased as a result of the systematic application of current technology and agricultural research findings with the participation of the farming community. Also, to carry the results to a broad range of farmers who could use them; and to train farmers, extension workers, agricultural teachers and researchers from disadvantaged areas so that agricultural production could continue to be increased on a sustained basis.


Natura Opava - Czech Republic

Natura Opava-Czech Republic is a civic association for ecological education,cultvation and edification. It was established in 1992 and works asa nonprofit association. We cooperate with notable experts from all the Czech Republic-mainly with employees of museums(Silesian museum in Opava,Geographical museum in Olomouc),with schools(special,elementary,secondary schools and also universities-for example in Opava,Ostrava,Olomouc and Brno) and with protectionist institutions(The Czech association of enviromental protection). First of all our organization is concerned with activities, which support practical skills and acquiring of practical skills outdoors.We preach the saying,,About nature in nature". We prepare and realize following events in the sphere of environmental enducation,cultivation and edification:

-we prepare natural educational paths in the surroundings of schools,

-we create interesting  teaching aids(ecosystems of field,forest and water;life in the forest),

-we provide advisory service to participants of natural contensts(biological olympics),a scientific activity of students,

-we create methodical materials for teachers,

-we edit guidebooks to educational trails,nature reserves and interesting areas,we organize exhibitions of children´s works with naturalistic themes,

-we also participate in international projects(Biocorridor along the river Opava to river Odra in Ratibor-the Czech-Polish project,which supports recovery of polluted countryside,cooperation with a school from a Polish city Ratibor),

-a project of foundation of a regional scientific museum in a Greek town Preveza(Epirus),organization of international meetings of young environment protectionists there and exploration o that locality(since 2000,cooperation with Greek schools from Preveza and school from Ratibor)

-we also edit scientific(but for childen,pupils and public readable)materials(Educational trail Hvozdnice,Nature reserves of Opava region,Memorable trees of Opava region,Important parks and gardens of Opava region)

In our activity we appeal to pupils and public.We provide an opportunity to participate in environmental protection for children with specific education requirements (for children who are particularly talented,as well as those who are disabled or socially deprived).


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