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PROJECT Agropuzzle II
Napsal RNDr. Milan Kubačka   
Středa, 15 leden 2014
PROJECT Agropuzzle II
1. Mobility - Czech (reportage, outcomes)
2. Mobility - Portugal (reportage, outcomes)
3. Mobility - Poland (reportage, outcomes)
4. Mobility - Slovakia (reportage, outcomes)
5. Mobility - Romania (reportage, outcomes)
Partners involved in the project
Products of the project - presentations
Natura Opava is a partner of the project which is based on cooperation of 5 countries and 6 organizations involved in the grant area Leonardo da Vinci - a partnership in a Lifetime learning programme. Project Agropuzzle 2 is a continuation of the puzzle for a businessman in agriculture, which is part of the agri-services business in agriculture based on modern trends and traditions. We try to give students of the public schools and other organizations participating in the project opportunities for obtaining information from a variety of countries and resources for management to use in your their business; as an ex: instructions and inspiration.  





Puzzle for businessmen in agriculture carrying business in a permanently maintainable way II

Each participant will implement one part of the puzzle - information that will also appear in relation to the business of sustainable agriculture. The language part of the project will be an industry glossary of terms created in both English and German. The creation and implementation of glossary will involve experts from various vocational fields, and its contents will provide a unique way to alternative communication in the project participants group. The purpose of the observations made when visiting each of the places during the workshop is to create and establish specialized methods of working in each country. This will result in a systematic review of the methods of working in organic farming, beekeeping, viticulture and aquaculture. In turn, will help to establish production and business for each location, as well as develop the co-operation between local governments and industry. Our project and its product as specialized materials will be addressed to students at the present and in the future, the general public of the agricultural sector, which is focused around the school for training courses organized in terms of trends in agriculture and tourism. The results of our project, along with the project itself, will be available to current and future students, as well as for people working within agriculture.


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